Plants on table in front of Living Room window at my grandfather’s house

These are the plants that sit in front of my grandfather’s living room window. They have been a staple in the landscape of the entryway to his house. When you walk in the door it’s the first thing to your right when you walk in. In the 21 years of my life I have gone on many trips to my grandfather’s house. Not until last month did I learn the story of how these plants earned their forever home on that table in front of the window.  

While in Massachusetts for my great aunt’s funeral we stayed with my grandfather at his house. A year into formal research of our family history, I was excited to go to the library of photo albums my grandfather had in the basement. Through going back and forth from the basement to his recliner repeatedly asking ‘who is this?’ I stopped and looked at the plants.

Photo I found of my Grandmother, Florence, while going through albums in the basement

I wanted a cutting as I had developed an appreciation of nature and greenery. I just casually asked the question “What got you into plants?” This simple question unlocked a treasure trove of stories and knowledge I never knew.   It turns out the first house plant he got was actually purchased by my grandmother when they first got the house, still in its original pot. He said as it grew he took a cutting and put it into another pot beside it. I was floored and amazed by hearing this because that means that plant is almost 60 years old. He said his oldest plant was a waxy dark green plant in the far corner that was from my great grandmother’s apartment.  

I was then more excited and honored to have a cutting from the plant that started it all. Almost 40 years after my grandmother’s passing my grandfather still continues to care for her plants and acquire new ones along the way. 

So now every time I look at my plant cutting I think of my grandmother and the influence she still has decades after her death.