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Hi there! My name is Daniel and I’m based in Ireland, I started my genealogy journey in January 2017 at the age of 13. My research is mostly focused on Irish genealogy, my ancestors originate from Co. Mayo & Co. Waterford.


Welcome! My name’s Tyler (16) and I’m one of the Hidden Branch Co-Founders. I have researching my family’s genealogy since I was 13. My father is a first-generation immigrant from Vietnam and my mother is primarily of British and German stock. My findings have taken my family tree back to the mid-1500s and I descend from some fascinating ancestors, such as Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island and members of the English nobility.


Hi, my name is Emily Moore. I live in Co. Dublin, Ireland and I’m 17 years old. I started researching my family history when I was about 13, and have been ever since! I have traced my tree back to the early 1800s and the late 1700s. My ancestors hail from Co. Dublin, Co. Offaly, and Co. Down in Ireland.

Team Members


Cześć! I’m PJ, I’m from sunny St. Pete, Florida. I’ve been researching since I was ten and I’m now seventeen. I’ve traced my linage back to the 18th Century! I have strong roots in Poland, Romania, Czechia, Ireland, Germany, Norway and Italy. I specialize in Polish-American research and Genetic Genealogy. I hope to become a professional genealogist and teacher, one of my biggest goals is to become a recognized genealogist. I’m always working on some project, usually involving immigrants but I’ll research any ethno/religious group.

Logan F.


Hi, my name is Logan. I am 13 and in the 7th grade. I love Boy Scouts, genealogy, camping, computers, and airplanes. For Boy Scouts I sold $16,230 worth of popcorn. I loved and have been doing genealogy since I was 8 when I got my familysearch.org account. I specialize in starting your family tree and starting your genealogy.


Hi there! My name is Gearoid, I’m 17 years old and I live in Co. Cork in the Republic of Ireland. Born in Chicago, IL, I have dual Irish-American citizenship. I have a passion for politics and history as well as genealogy. I’ve been working on my family tree for several years up to the point where I have over 1000 members. The majority of my ancestors hail from different parts of Ireland, such as Limerick and Meath. However, a very large part of my family tree is based in Argentina. Using websites such as FamilySearch I have traced my heritage back to the 10th century CE. Genealogy ties into my love of history and encourages me to learn more about the time periods my ancestors lived in. 


Hi! My name is Katharine Andrew, I am 23 years old and from Chicago, Illinois, USA. I have been doing genealogy research since I was a child. I specialize in Germanic genealogy, as well as New England, Midwest USA, and Quaker genealogy. My ancestry is German, English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and Scandinavian. I currently work as a graphic designer and genealogy specialist at a public library. Additionally, I am currently a graduate student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign iSchool, working towards a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS). I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in May 2019 with Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Germanic Studies, summa cum laude. I also completed a minor in History.


Hi I’m Athina. I currently attend high school in NY. While I enjoy traveling and broadening my perspective on the world, my real passion, genealogy, started when I attended Finding Your Roots: The Seedlings – WPSU – Penn State. I was so inspired by the camp that I wanted to find a way to share my love of genealogy with everyone at my school. When I had the opportunity to start a club, I jumped at the chance! I hosted the Genealogy Club global event “Our IDEA: Gender and Genealogy” in December, 2020 with 2 notable presenters as guests. The Hidden Branch attended and I joined their organization as a partner to Genealogy Club later that month! I haven’t had the most luck with my research given my background but I am very interested in genetic genealogy!



George Hall is an aspiring family and local historian. A son of the Spen Valley, in the heart of West Yorkshire, he is greatly inspired by its history. This perhaps inspired him to bring his one place study of Liversedge Cemetery into print, publishing his first book in January 2022. He is a member of various societies and organisations, namely the Huddersfield and District Family History Society and The Hidden Branch. He is the Chair of the Friends of Morley Cemetery and a member of the Liversedge Cemetery Friends. In addition, he runs a blog and website, Genealogy with George.


Hi! I’m Josh, 21, from Gosport, a small town in southern England. As well as studying French and Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, I’m also a keen genealogist, having studied my family tree (and many others!) seriously for around 6 years. My ancestry is almost entirely English until as far back as the 1700s, but during my first year of university, I also volunteered at the Scottish Genealogy Society, meaning I have a deep, specialist knowledge of the United Kingdom. As well as that, I’ve done lots of research within continental Europe, working on translations from and to French, Spanish, Latin, as well as various others!


Hi! I am Sarah. I am 17 years old. I have been doing genealogy for about 6 years. I am a team member of the 21 Day Family Connections Experiment team. For the experiment I am the experiment benefits team manager as well as running and developing the app, and managing the blog and YouTube. The areas that I research include the United States, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. I am currently working to become an Accredited Genealogist in the Southwest region of the United States.


My name is Whitney Porter. I am 21 years old and from New Jersey, USA. I have been interested in family history and genealogy since I was 13. I have been doing genealogy research for about a year and a half. My ancestry is Southern US, Jamaica, St. Kitts, and Nova Scotia. I previously attended Campbell University majoring in Political Science with a minor in Economics. I am now working in the non profit sector. I enjoy recovering and preserving the stories of the past so that they may inform and guide us in the present into the future.



Hi! I’m Sophie, a 25 year old genealogist based in the UK. I’ve been researching my family history since I was 15. My specialist areas are English and Scottish genealogy, and I’m developing my skills in the use of DNA. In 2020 I graduated from Staffordshire University with a Masters in Psychology, after having studied a BA in Creative Writing at the University of Derby.

Logan G.

Hello! My name is Logan (19) and I am from Peoria, IL. I have worked my own, family’s, and friend’s genealogy since late 2013. I have worked with both paper trails and genetic genealogy. My genetic background is African American, European (Irish, British, French, German), and some Native American. I am currently enrolled at Illinois State University working towards a Biology degree. My long term goal is to become a professional genealogist (specializing in the Midwest and African American records)!


Greetings! My name is Cameron Azimi. I’m a law student from Nebraska. My interest in my grandfather’s military career began my family history journey in 2011. Now, after a decade of trial and error in my own research, I am excited to foster the interest of other Gen-Z genealogists and make our voice heard in the genealogy community. In addition to extensive research on my ancestors of German, British, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, French, and Swedish origin, I have recently (finally!) been making headway on my Iranian family. I specialize in Midwest US and Iranian genealogy.