Hello All,

The Hidden Branch is back! After a 3 month hiatus, we are back. We have been working hard to organize and make some improvements to the blog and website. In order to better coordinate all members’ schedules and take some stress off of the blog committee, we have decided that we will only put out one blog post a week instead of two. So look out for blog posts every Friday at noon. 

The blog has been the main focal point of our work within THB. Throughout the year, we want to expand beyond our blog by hosting virtual events, having panel discussions, and collaborating with other groups and organizations.  

As many of you know, our social media is where most people discover THB. We would like to engage more with the community of followers we have amassed over the past 2 years. Starting next week, we will be doing #THBTeamTakeover. Each week over the next few months, one team member will take over the THB Twitter account to share information and answer questions about their specialty within genealogy or a specific topic. First up, co-founder Daniel with Irish Genealogy. 

We would also like to acknowledge some members who have stepped down or taken their own hiatus: Sophie H, Tyler T, Gearoid, George H. We appreciate your contributions to the organization and wish you well in your future endeavors. Please follow them on their respective socials to keep up with their genealogy work.   

Also, we have grown! Since we have been on hiatus we have gained two new members and a new ambassador. We are also in the process of conducting interviews for a few more new members, so be on the lookout for some new faces in the next month or so.  

We genuinely appreciate all who have supported us on this journey of building this organization. 

Without your support, there would be no Hidden Branch. Thank you for supporting the next generation of genealogists, researchers, and family historians and our mission to introduce more of the next generation into the world of family history.  We want to hear from you! What are some blog topics you want to see covered? Events you would want to attend? Topics you want to talk about?  Let us know! Leave a comment or tag us on Twitter with your ideas. For collaboration opportunities/inquiries please email us.  

If you enjoy the work we are doing and want to support us you can give a gift at thehiddenbranch.com/donate.

Excited for another year full of education and community.


Whitney Porter

Secretary for The Hidden Branch