Have an ancestor who was a priest or a nun and having trouble finding them? So did Gearoid, a while ago he needed help to find one of his ancestors who was a priest and he couldn’t find the death cert under his birth name. The priest in this case had taken another name and his death was registered under that name instead. For context the original name was James Edward McGahan. We had the mass card for him but was unable to find a death cert until I learned that he also went by Fr. Barnabas. Then, BINGO! Thankfully there was no working out needed to find out if it was him as there was only one Barnabas McGahan (see below)

Image: www.irishgenealogy.ie civil records, Accessed: 28/03/2021

So if you do have a holy ancestor, this might help you! Stay tuned for next week’s Tuesday Tips installment.