Everyone starts at home and with what they already know. Most of us start by looking a Baby books, birth certificates and asking our parents or if you are lucky your grandparents about what they know about their family. If your family knows nothing about their ancestors or if you have adoptions in your Ancestry then you’d start with a DNA test.

Once you’ve figured out the basics of our ancestry then you can start looking at other types of sources like Census, or other Vital records.

You may be asking the question “Where do I find records and what is the easiest way to find databases?” and to that i would say on FamilySearch Wiki. Their Wiki is by far the largest genealogical Wiki in the world, they have pages for most localities and will give a basic overview of the history and types of records that can be found and where.

Another amazing resource is Cyndi’s List, for over 20 years Cyndi has been collecting resources on a host of genealogical topics. If you ever get stuck and need something new I recommend looking though this amazing website.

Until next time, always remember your never to young to start researching.