A lot of times when doing family research, the smallest items can break years old brick walls.  It is important not to overlook some of the more seemingly boring or mundane aspects of your family archive. Here are five items that contain more information than you think.

1. Funeral Programs

  • These have so much information that can help break multiple brick walls
  • Birth and death date
  • Possible descendants information in the obituary
  • Life details in the obituary
  • Burial details in the program could help locate their grave site

2. Holiday Cards

  • If you have multiple it can show the progression of what family members like
  • Could have address and name information

3. Clothes

  • Could have significance and backstory
  • Item worn during significant life events
  • Gives you an idea of their taste and fashion sense
  • Can be something passed down to the next generation

4. Books/Journals

  • Could have writing in it that opens new doors
  • Idea of their taste and topics they were interested in
  • Insight into their day to day life

5. Music

  • Connection of their story
  • Insight into their life/different periods of their life

Hopefully you are able to incorporate some of these items into your family research and add some depth to your family’s story.