Here are some great questions to ask relatives to learn more about those who came before you:

  • What is a signature thing that person would say?
  • What was their favorite thing to drink?
  • What was a meal that they cooked that you enjoyed?
  • What is a time they gave you really good advice?
  • What was their favorite color?
  • Can you describe what they smelled like?
  • What was your favorite thing to do when you went to their house?
  • What’s your favorite trip you went on with them?
  • Were they a good singer?
  • What hobbies did they enjoy?
  • What kind of car did they drive?
  • What is your favorite photo of them?
  • What impact did this person have on your life?
  • Did they have a signature clothing piece?
  • What was their favorite book?

Use these questions as a guide to spark a conversation of sharing stories and memories.