Welcome back to Tuesday Tips! Is to check if an Index has images. This may sound like a given but sometimes we forget or don’t check because we think “there’s no way this records online” or “it is but it’ll take too long to find it”. Well maybe the latter one is true, but it’s always worth looking and if you can’t find it then put it on your to-do list or a rainy day.

One of my recent breakthroughs is with an Index. I was looking at the U.S., Philadelphia Bank Immigrant Passage Records, 1890-1949 collection on Ancestry, I’ve looked at this collection many times as my ancestors used the bank quite a lot, but I’d never looked for the images and now I wish I had sooner! As we see from the Index there isn’t a lot of information that is typical of an index. But when We look at the paper record we see a lot more detail. Ages, Addresses, and (on the next page not shown) we see ticket numbers.

So have you used an index in the past and haven’t checked for image? go check you’ll never know what you’ll find!