Whether you love or loathe it, there’s a lot in a name. Centuries of trials and tribulations cumulate in a set of circumstances that gives you YOUR name. It is your name and you should wear it with pride.

Take mine, for example, George Mason Hall, what is the meaning behind it?


The name George has travelled over 100 miles at least.

I was named partly after the singer George Michael but also after my dad’s maternal grandfather, George Ronald Dale. He was named after his uncle that died in the First World War, George Alfred Dale. He was probably named after his maternal grandfather George Stead, who was also probably named after his maternal grandfather, George Smith.

With these people we travel the North of England, a variety of occupations and very different lengths of lives.


I’ll be honest, Mason doesn’t actually have any deep meaning as far as I know at least. My Mum just decided that she wanted me to have a middle name and she liked the name Mason therefore that became my middle name. That’s still an important story to be told which gives more perspective on my mother’s thoughts.


The fun one!

The Hall name represents a story of at least 500 years, confined to one region (my local area) which I find fascinating.

Premature deaths and being very poor are common features of being a Hall. Hard work and grit too.

All in all, please consider your name and it’s history. It’s fascinations but not just about you but connections before you that shouldn’t be forgot.