There are many resources and tools that are used for genealogy research. One that some newer genealogists may not be aware of could be just around the corner. Many local libraries across many countries have an archive or record collection of different sources from the surrounding area.  

Yes, when many of us think of libraries the first thought is summer reading challenges and different programming activities for the community.  Many libraries also double as preservers of the town’s history.  For some areas, this may be a separate building from the main library or in larger more metropolis areas it could be a section of the local library.  

Some documents they could have are land documents or old newspapers.  There is so much information and little nuggets that could lead you down a rabbit hole of knowledge.  These local archive libraries could also be helpful if you are doing a one-place study for the area.  

Even if your library does not have an archive department, they are an amazing resource that can connect you with many resources and information. Many have subscriptions to various databases that may help with supplemental information in helping you flesh out the background of your family history story by aiding in the research for one place or one name studies. 

Also, look into some of those programming activities. Talk with your local librarian about starting a programming event about genealogy and archives to help those in your community learn more about preserving and learning your history. 

Maybe the next time you go to visit your grandparents, take a stop by the local library in their town and see if you can find some interesting finds.