Now before you start putting information into a family tree, you need to get that information which gives my first tip:

  1. Ask your family members, grandparents and get any nuggets of information that you can get e.g. Names of ancestors, dates, places, ask about photographs of ancestors. Stories from grandparents about their lives can be of use too!
  2. Keep a written & electronic record of information you’ve gathered so you can easily refer back to it at a later date. A binder would be a good place to keep all written information safe. A folder on a USB or a form of cloud storage e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc…
  3. See if anyone has already done some research, they may be able to assist you on your genealogy journey as there is no point trying to get over that hurdle if it’s already been passed.
  4. Try and include a family member in your research journey, it’s much more fun with others!
  5. I would also try and look online & see what’s available to you e.g. census records, birth, marriage & death records etc… so that you know what you can find when you start.

And finally: Never be afraid to ask others questions on anything in your journey. As always, stay tuned for more! Let us know your thoughts or if you have any questions in the comments below!