Welcome to the third part of “What can be found on a…” – the series where we present a record and show you how much information can be obtained from it. Let’s get into today’s post!

Here is an example of an Irish death record:

Image: John Loftus death certificate died 1957, district, Swinford – Date accessed: 21/06/2021. Source: irishgenealogy.ie

So, what do the numbers on the cert tell us. (NOTE: Some of the below points will include more info than others…)

  1. Entry number.
  2. Date and place of death.
  3. Name.
  4. Gender.
  5. Condition.
  6. Age at death.
  7. Occupation.
  8. Cause of death.
  9. Residence, Signature and Qualification of Informant.
  10. Date registered.
  11. Signature of registrar.

I hope you enjoyed reading and to finish this post – what’s the most fascinating thing you’ve seen on a death cert? For me, it’s seeing all of the details for my 2x great grandfather Anthony Carney who supposedly died in 1903 but was alive and kicking in 1911? Still trying to find his death cert (or could the 1903 one be him and I have the wrong one? Who knows!) Drop a comment below or tweet me.