Now, with myself being a genealogist of the next gen I felt pretty alone not being able to find many people my own age interested in genealogy. Now what you might be surprised to know that there are way more interacting with the community just probably not in the most typical ways.

The biggest I’ve seen (and I might add surprised by) is through Discord []. I’d not realised how big of a community there was on there when I decided to try it out. There is are two that I recommend, this one called “Genealogy Haven” – click here to view it (just click the button saying Discord when the page has loaded) [] – the other one is called “Genealogy” but has over 1,700 members from all corners of the world []

Now that I have highlighted that, it was one thing I didn’t have in my TGS (The Genealogy Show) presentation but a possible reason why that older people may think that young genealogists aren’t into it is because young people aren’t interacting with the community on a public social media place because with Discord it’s an invite only (via a link) place. So one thing I’m trying to do is what the genealogy community did with me when I joined the genealogy community on social media is boost my voice and my posts so if any young genealogists are reading this and I’m not already following you make sure to include the #GenZGenealogist hashtag in your profile (seen below) so I know you’re the next gen or tweet/tag me in things that you need help getting answers as we are the Next Gen and I want to help you as much as the community helped me.

Daniel’s Instagram profile
Daniel’s Twitter profile.

Again, if you’re unsure as to how to get started on Twitter you can check out our guides for Twitter (other social media guides are coming soon)

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next one.