Well on the Hidden Branch, we love to find teenagers interested in Genealogy and this one has made his name shine over the US particularly in New Jersey, it’s Eric Schubert! Let’s hear what he had to say in response to the questions that Daniel put to him…

1) What got you into genealogy & how long have you been researching for?
“My grandparents all passed away in a year span when I was younger, and around that same time I used to be home sick a lot – which gave me a lot of free time. My Mom saw a genealogy commercial and suggested I maybe check that out to pass the time. I did, and the rest is history! I was probably around 9 then and have been researching since then, so almost ten years of research at this point.”

2) What interesting things have you discovered about your ancestors?
“I would say one of the most interesting things is that my surname really isn’t Schubert – it’s Grzegorzewski. My paternal grandfather changed it right before he was married. It’s on his baptismal record and all records of his parents, etc. No idea where Schubert came from. It’s supposedly my 4x great grandmother’s maiden name on that line – my father’s grandfather’s great grandmother. Lot of greats! That whole paternal line is just so fascinating. And tricky! I also discovered I have pretty deep New England roots, many of my direct ancestors founded towns and are on monuments like the Founders Monument in Hartford, CT.”

3) Who/What are you currently focusing on in your research?
“I’ll admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve dug into my own tree as I focus mainly on clients. But, I will say I am always looking for information on my paternal line. The most mysterious! It’s a unique situation. I think I have my great great grandfather, his parents, and his family coming over to America, however it doesn’t all fit. The surname is right, however many of the first names are wrong – but it’s a unique surname, the year is right, the ages match the children, and they are coming in at the right port! So, I’m kind of stuck. I revisit it every time I get the chance. I think it has to be them, but I just can’t prove it – so for now, I’m at a standstill”

4) Have you come across any difficulties while researching your family (e.g. Conflicting sources)

“I can’t think of a few in particular, but definitely. There almost always are conflicting sources at times due to possible human transcription error, that sort of thing. One example I can think of though actually is my great grandmother’s birth date. She was born in England, but there is no record of it – although, there is one for all her siblings. So that’s odd for starters. Her headstone lists her birth year at 1900, which I know is wrong because she immigrated in 1902 around the age of 4/5/6. Her death certificate lists it as 1907, which I definitely know is wrong. The exact date is also up for debate, but my great uncle, her son (she died young, unfortunately) said it was definitely in September. Circumstantially, I believe her birthdate is September 28th, 1897 – but there’s a billion other options.”

5) What advice would you give to people wanting to start genealogy?
“Don’t take everything you think you know about your family tree as fact. Let the records guide you first! Look closely, always.”

6) Do you think there is enough places/sites for kids & teens to get into genealogy?

“Yes, and I think it’s growing daily! Which, is great.”

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