As everyone knows, technology is being used more and more when it comes to the digitisation of records and it can also be the place where you keep all of your family history files but again as everyone knows technology can fail! Take my own experience, about a few months ago the flash drive which I had my 3 years of family history research and files on had failed. Thankfully, I had done a back up a few days prior to this, so if I didn’t do that back up, I would’ve lost everything! Then it got me thinking, I need to have a physical copy and then I came across this “Family Tree Index” book from House Elves Anonymous, Sarah of HEA kindly sent me a copy to review and tell you all about it!

Contents page (Courtesy of House Elves Anonymous)

So, this book is a index for you and your direct ancestors (that’s 12 generations) before you, that’s 4,095 people!

It comes with a fan chart with an easy system to follow:

  • Even numbers = the men in the family
  • Odd numbers = the women in the family

Each page on from that is dedicated for each ancestor and for each generation with generation charts (e.g. all 5x great grandparents go on one page) and if that wasn’t enough there is plenty of space to write notes and for those who are new to DNA, there’s a cousin chart at the back of the book with DNA percentages of how many cM (centimorgans – the unit of measuring DNA) would be shared with cousins.

I had compared this book to one I already have. This one is much more spacious with plenty of writing room to write in notes and much, much, more! So I think this book is ideal for someone starting out and wanting to write it all down somewhere!