Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips #10

Welcome back to Tuesday Tips! This weeks tip is to use Research Logs! I know you’ve probably heard it a million times but it really important and such a time saver. I will admit I’m not the most consistent with research logs. I usually forget to make one of my ancestors, This is because first I haven’t found a new ancestor in a while and second I have done a lot of prior research so I feel like its pointless. But its not! they are such a useful tool to have. They allow us as genealogist to see our earlier research. If you haven’t made one I definitely recommend it.

By SlavicGenealogy

A Polish-American Genealogist. Member of The Hidden Branch, NextGen, TheirVoices Podcast. Student of The National Institute of Genealogical Studies. My Field of specialty is Western Slavic research (Polish, Czech, and Slovak). Dabbles in Irish, Romanian, Italian, and German Research. Massive lover of immigration research and always willing to step outside of my research field.

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