Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips #7

This week’s Tuesday Tip is to look at Research Wikis. There are many different wikis, some of my favorite are Familysearch Wiki, Rootsweb Wiki, and International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki. All of the Wikis listed above can be invaluable to new and experienced genealogists. FamilySearch’s Wiki is the go-to with all things paper genealogy. This Wiki has articles for just about every record imaginable. Rootsweb is mostly an American wiki as it has the Redbook and The source, both of these are extremely helpful books to have on your bookshelf if you don’t have them already. ISGG is the leading Wiki for genetic Genealogy and if you want to learn about genetic genealogy this is the best place to start.

By P.J. Elias

I'm a GenZGenealogist, I love Polish genealogy, but I’ll research anything. Member of TheirVoices Podcast, TheHiddenBranch, and NextGen

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